An Initiative for

Cyber Talent Development


Digital Security Village is a Cyber Talent Development initiative providing emerging cyber talents with the required skills for personal, corporate, and societal protection. This we plan to achieve through bootcamps, masterclasses, workshops, online training, webinars and more.

We observed that most cybersecurity communities conduct internships and lengthy pieces of training, which are occasionally too in-depth for participants to absorb within the allotted time. Hence, we came up with short Bootcamp series that concentrate on specific cybersecurity domain areas so that participants may develop a skill at a time. As a result, the Bootcamp series will address various capabilities within a diversified cybersecurity domain

Our target ordinance is cybersecurity enthusiasts, cybersecurity students, entry-level security specialists and those transitioning into cyber from other fields.

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To be at the cutting edge of cyber talent development in Africa and beyond.

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To address the cybersecurity skill gap in Africa and beyond by providing emerging cyber talent with the cybersecurity skills required for personal, business, and national security.

Our Initiatives

Short Bootcamp

These short bootcamps will concentrate on specific skills related to certain domain areas in cybersecurity to get participants ready to apply those skills in a production environment, as opposed to extended cohort internships and piece of training that feature numerous domain areas.

Exam Prep Masterclass

Our Masterclasses are geared toward assisting cybersecurity practitioners in strategically preparing for certification exams by equipping them with exam success strategies such as various methods for selecting accurate answers to questions, how to increase confidence in selecting the correct answers, how to make the most of official study materials, etc.

Online Training

Experts with various levels of cybersecurity knowledge from various organizations or institutions will conduct various trainings utilizing both vendor-specific and vendor-neutral technologies.

CyberCareer Webinar

Our webinars focus on strategic career projections and how to set oneself up for a successful career in cybersecurity.